About SCR

"81% of small business CEO's believe that the Purchasing function is very important. Yet, only 46% believe that the job is being done effectively" Center For Advanced Purchasing Studies"


Don''t just happen. Rather they are the result of  a well thought out strategy, executed by a High Performance Team that consistently delivers High Quality, Low Cost Material, Finished Goods and Services On Time.

The evidence of the Results appear in:

  • Gross Margin Improvement
  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Supplier Quality in the 99+% range
  • On-Time Delivery Improvement and 
  • Lead-Time Reduction

SCR is a Minnesota Company, 35 years in the making...

We bring a combined 70 years of solid experience working with all elements within the Supply Chain.

The consistent track record of strong results, practical experience and overcoming hundreds of supply challenges is the "secret Sauce" behind our business.