Available Services

Supply Opportunity Assessment Report (SOAR)

SOAR is a Fast Track Tool that serves as a catalyst for improved results. The SOAR involves a deep dive into your annual direct material spend and inventory. Supply Chain business practices will also be reviewed. Report of our findings will be compiled in a written report. The SOAR will enable the Customer and SCR to pin point potential opportunities quickly such as:

  • Organization Review  - Opportunities, Structure, Business Practices
  • Leverage and competition in your supply base
  • ABC analysis of your Direct Spend and Replenishment policy and process.
  • ABC Analysis of Inventory Dollars and Turns
  • Identification of factors dragging your Inventory turns down
  • Formal written proposal for SCR to manage the Improvement projects identified.
    • Scope of work
    • High level Project Plan
    • Project Length Estmate
    • Project cost and payment terms

Gross Margin Improvement Project

With the SOAR as a reference document, SCR will develop a Project plan to quickly and efficiently explore and take action on opportunities to improve Gross Margin.

Key activities:

  • Prioritize the opportunities
  • Data Collection (Price History vs Market)
  • Review Specifications and Internal knowledge
  • Contact Supplier
  • Negotiation
  • Request for Proposal
  • Supplier Selection
  • Transition Plan if needed

Cash Flow Improvement

The Fastest way to improve cash flow internally is through establishing a cross-functional, Focused Inventory Reduction Project. SCR will Oversee this project and help to create an environment to accelerate your inventory turns to spins.

The key here is to balance speed with material availability. 

The first hurdle will be to increase your inventory accuracy to a minimum of 95%.

Supplier Performance Improvement

Think of Suppliers as an extension of your resources. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, a company can only be as good as their weakest link.

Supplier communication is the key to driving Supplier performance. 

The project team would focus on improvement in 3 areas initially:

  • Supplier Quality target 99% minimum (depending on Customer requirements)
  • Supplier on time delivery (a standard is 2 days early, 0 days late)
  • Lead-Time improvement moving from months to weeks (to create operations flexibility)

These criteria would be captured and reported back to the supplier monthly

Expert Supply Chain Resources Available On Demand

Think of SCR as an extension of your resources. Call on us when you have a supply issue or opportunity that you need "Done Right, Done Now" because that's what we do. Perfect solution of situations like:

  • Resolution of High Impact, Time Critical Supply Issues
  • Supply Disruptions, Line Down, Spikes in Demand
  • High Level Negotiations, Sole Source, Capital Expense
  • New Supplier Audits
  • Sourcing New Technology